Brothers of Lafayette Lodge #123,

You likely have heard that we entered into an agreement with the Tippecanoe County Historical Association (TCHA) for the purchase of the Lafayette Masonic Temple.

We would like to provide an update and some additional details about the sale, and future plans of the lodge. On Friday February 10th, we signed the closing documents, finalizing the sale of our building to TCHA.

We have use of the building for another 6 months. Our plans are to have a new home for the lodge and our other attendant members by the end of that time period. We have been looking at options, and have kicked into high gear now that the sale is final. The New Building Committee (Chaired by Stewart Schreckengast) is leading that charge. If you know of a nice location or potential building please let us know.

We are looking for a single story building that is accessible, has ample parking and will be more efficiently maintained. We are making plans with all the current members of our Temple Association to make this move with us including consideration for storage and design of the Lodge Room and kitchen.

Your lodge is alive and well! We earned the Grand Master’s Award, with High Distinction for 2016. That is our goal for 2017. We are starting off the year with new brothers and a lot of upcoming work. A new building by the end of the year will cap off another exciting and vibrant year. Stop by the lodge, or contact one of us if you have any questions about our future plans.

In preparation for the future move, we are downsizing some of our excess stored items. We are also planning a “garage sale” at the Temple on Saturday March 4. This will be available to anyone wanting to sell items from our building. We plan to open the sale for member Masons from 7-9AM and then to the general public from 9AM to noon. If you have Masonic items you would like to sell or are interested in purchasing some of our excess items please contact Stewart at 765-426-0086

We hope to see you soon, brother!


Joe Sutton III, Worshipful Master

Stewart Schreckengast, Lodge Secretary and New Building Committee Chairman